Anonymous: What does the other anon have that I dont? 

You’re a dick

Anonymous: 21. What are your bad habits? 

Covering my mouth when I get embarrassed and cursing

Anonymous: hey darling. I think you are beautiful just the way you are. I bet your lips are so kissable and I will treat you like a princess. I'd love to meet you one day! ~xoxo 

Thank you! And I have been told my lips are soft sooo :3 and it would be a pleasure to meet you

Anonymous: I literally think you are perfect. I wouldn't mind falling asleep to your beautiful face every night. By the way, you have perfect body shape, an adorable laugh, and your eyes may be brown but they are my favorite part about you... ps... that anon who wants to kiss you needs to back off because you are wayyyyyyy toooo good for them!<3 xox 

You’re so cute like honestly even though you like to fuck sheep

Courtney likes fucking sheep